Duck Pull Twist A Ginney

Stacey - Sat 22 November 2014 -

a Lot Of fish and they're plenty crappie needless to say I get significantly more than several.............creeks on the James are complete

Question 32 FS Regulator

I am considering a 32FS Regulator run by twin 250 Yamahas. I have read some evaluations that double 350's will be the only way to go and that it's underpowered. Anyone have encounter with one of these boats?

Question Area Scan Imaging

a week ago - fulfilled a girl whois spouse passed on. He was an avid angler and that I agreed to enable her promote his equipment.

Good Info Photos of used fishing gear from widow - silent auction

Has anyone previously attempted utilizing facet scan fish finders offshore? I know they are used by individuals in freshwater and inshore but have not observed a whole lot of of feedback of use.