Lifestyle: September 2014

Stacey - Mon 06 October 2014 -

Lifestyle: September 2014 For this model of our take a look at everyday life we share images from China, Asia, Iraq, Nepal, United States and other nations from all over the world.

Observing motions of religion

Noticing customs of trust Over The Middleeast and the earth this week, supplements happen to be made for key holidays of different faiths. As Hajj culminates, the Muslim al -Adha is recognized this weekend. Yom Kippur completes Superior Holy Days for that Jewish community's time scale. --Leanne Stress Seidel (20 photographs full) Ultra-Orthodox Jews think about a-car screen as they assemble on a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean beach because they participate in a Tashlich ceremony in Herzeliya, Israel, Oct. 2.

Hong Kong protesters WOn't leave

The Natural World: June The Natural World is actually a regular article that showcases photography showing pets (occasionally in manmade habitats) and conditions across the earth. --Leanne Pressure Seidel (32 photos whole) A Bryde's whale and seagulls meal on anchovies while in the Beach of Thailand, October 9. Approximately population of thirty to 35 Bryde's sharks are generally noticed across the top Gulf of between April and March, coastlines. The Bryde's whale is listed within the Conference on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Wildlife and Flora (CITES) which discourages global trade of any parts of your pet. (Rungroj Yongrit/EPA)

The Natural World: November

Riot police later withdrew. The pro- for decreasing their option in Hongkong's 2017 authority elections democracy protesters are indignant at China. Umbrellas were applied by demonstrators to safeguard themselves from tear gas overnight and to reduce the chances of the extreme sunshine because they continued their sit in each day. That gave rise towards the movement�s name�The Umbrella Revolution. --Thea Breite (17 photos whole) Riot police fire teargas on student demonstrators occupying avenues surrounding the federal government headquarters in Hongkong, early Wednesday, Sept.